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Van Conversion: First Step

Van Conversion: First Step we make the transition to pursue living our best lives. This happens over a period of time with a lot of changes between here and there. Once you decide to convert a van, you have to select the right van for you.

It has been a little over a year and half since I left my job to pursue living my best life. There has been a lot of change and changes to the change. 360 degrees in changes to prior decisions. Doubts, indecisiveness, depression, anticipation, excitement – everything you can expect from a major life change.

I rolled with it and let whatever I was feeling run its course. I feel stronger, braver, and more self-sufficient than ever.

My dream once was to travel the U.S. on my motorcycle with my puppy 9. Since then I have added Wednesday to our family and I couldn’t bear the anguish if there was an accident. I felt the same way about having my daughter on the back of my bike – I didn’t. So I purchased a cargo van for the business. I could haul inventory and travel with my pups. Win.

Van Conversion: First Step

The first step was selecting the van (after making the decision to buy the van). I selected the 2018 Dodge Pro Master with extended cab and roof. Conducting research and wanting something I could stand in, this van seemed so solid. I am not disappointed. There are a lot of special features that I am discovering and the more I build out the van for travel, the more I can appreciate the extra nooks and crannies throughout the van. I did choose buying a brand new van, but there is something for everyone depending on their preferences, budget, and tenacity of not giving up.

If I was to use the van solely for living in and traveling, I would definitely choose more windows. I love the vans that seem to bring the outdoors in. It is a landscape masterpiece and can make you breathless. As it is, the only windows I have are up front. It is perfect for carrying cargo and for the professional wrap I have on the outside of the van. To read more about my Adventure Machine please read our write up in the local newspaper. It was an honor to make the front page a little over a year ago. Writer Eric A. Howald found us on Fakebook (when we were members. we no longer support that social platform, in fact we frown upon its use for the good of health and reality) . Howald was most kind and entertaining.

Here is the link from Keizer Times, Keizer, Oregon:

Happy Adventures,

Jessica Fletcher

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