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The Art of Grateful

The art of being grateful can be subjective. Being happy and grateful coincides with if I have a productive day or not. Did I get up? Is my flu getting better? Did I take the dogs to the park or for their walk or both? Did I get things done off my list? I have a long list. To do an important project requires me to do numerous things from the list so I can get to the project. But I can’t do the project unless I do the list. It seems never ending.

We are alive right?

Being grateful is appreciating food on the table while many others don’t have any. On the verge of homelessness, but we aren’t. Our long awaited and deserved vacation means a staycation because we may no longer be working or have a job, but we are breathing are we not? A former friend once said, “You know, a person doesn’t aim really high when they say at least their kid is not on drugs.” Appreciating even the little things in life is important. Aiming really high is “at least our kids are not on drugs” – because health and mental well being is a damn strong foundation. You can’t build something solid unless your foundation is strong. Recognize little things are crucial to aim high.

The Art of Grateful and Moving Forward

Thanksgiving is quite different now then when I was a child that is for sure. I loved Thanksgiving and coming to Oregon from California. My relatives, although crass trailer type – were loud and funny. They smelled of stale cigarettes and sometimes alcohol. There was so much food and we ate more at Thanksgiving then we would in a whole week at home. Or two weeks. There is a realization of knowing that when you get older, you just don’t have those rosy colored glasses on anymore.

Your relatives basically…suck.

They are the vultures that robbed your favorite Uncle before he was taken off life support. Raising a few drug addicts and a few times inmates, they didn’t even wonder how they got those results. Their idea of fame was being in the paper for having a nice home in a nice area but having a teenager addicted to drugs. I was showed the article with pride. They spent most of their lives smoking cigarettes, never breaking that nasty habit and scrambling for the extra pain killers or prescribed medication even if it meant stealing it from someone else.

Truth can hurt

I am not sure if it is better to have a personality that paints everything such a beautiful color, or sees the truth of it all and has to stay away from it for self-perseverance. Sometimes the former seems to be easier but is feeling alone with people better than just being alone? I said no and turned my back on it all years ago. It goes against the grain of normalcy, or the thought that blood is thicker than water.

The Truth About Holding a Grudge

People love to say that it is unhealthy to hold a grudge. Oh, no oh no oh no. It is unhealthy to think things will be different a second, third, fourth, fifth….infinity time. That is madness. Letting go is just letting go. How can you let good in if you cling to the bad, the old, the expired? More often than not, a grudge is defined by the perpetrator. Grudges are overindulged letting goes. They don’t exist as often as people think.

The Art of Grateful

Thanksgiving day, Wednesday eagerly joins me in the kitchen to help. She licks her lips in anticipation and I love it. Thanksgiving looks different now. But it is filled with true love. My pups loved their Thanksgiving meal. My two elderly cats stuck to their pate.

There is so much to look forward to in life. You have to be willing to embrace change and that things are good and we can adjust our lives any way we have to and make it work for ourselves. Keep on living and smiling as much as you can. I know I try. I know many nights I wake up and say, “YES!” Another great idea that allows me to keep moving forward and loving what I do.

Cheers to Thanksgiving 2020. I am grateful for everything this year has taught me.

Jessica Fletcher

9 & Wednesday

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