Rejuvenating Face Toner


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Rejuvenating Face Toner – This lovely lightweight toner helps rebuild collagen and tighten the skin. 

Chicory Root Extract Benefits:

 Shown to have an immediate and medium term tightening effect on the skin

 thanks to sequential release of the active ingredient, after regular application the skin looks tight, firm and without signs of fatigue

 restores skin’s splendor 

enables smoother makeup application. 

Algae Extract Benefits: 

Has been shown to tighten skin in the short as well as long term

Studies found that SkinTIght AP can protect skin cells from oxidative stress & strengthening skin

Regular application makes the skin look firmer, revitalized and regenerated

Pullulan can also retain moisture and prevents water loss

Aloe Vera Concentrate give the skin a refreshed, tightening feel first thing in the morning.

 Combined with glycerin and cucumber extract, this gives the skin a rejuvenating glow before makeup application. I find that when I apply the toner before putting on my makeup, it helps achieve a smoother appearance to my foundation. I use this toner in the morning and before bedtime. It is lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin without any oily residue. Apply to the face evenly in a thin layer with a cotton ball. It is scented lightly with Tangerine Essential Oils. 

Each toner comes packaged in a 2 ounce glass bottle with a dropper. 

Ingedients: Aloe vera juice, aloe vera concentrate, algae extract, chicory root extract, glycerin, cucumber extract, citric acid, lactic acid, tangerine essential oil


Each toner comes packaged in a 2 ounce glass bottle with a dropper. 


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