Bamboo Toothbrush Case


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Made of sustainable soft bamboo wood, this case is perfect to take your biodegradable bamboo toothbrush anywhere you go!

This holder is light and has the antibacterial properties of bamboo.


t’s ultra lightweight so you won’t notice it’s in your bag. It boasts a strong flexi-build so it can withstand bumps and bruises that unavoidably occur during travel.

100% organic

The case is made from real whole bamboo stalks. No plastic parts are used, making this product entirely natural and biodegradable.

Has hole.

Each travel case has small air holes to release moisture.


  1. Naturally antibacterial.
  2. Water resistant.
  3. Non toxic.
  4. Biodegradable.
  5. BPA free.


      • 7inch/18cm length – perfectly fits your bamboo toothbrush.
      • Made from sustainably harvested bamboo.
      • Strong Flexi-build to withstand knocks during travel.
      • Makes a great gift for any eco friendly traveler.


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