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Censoring Social Media Stalking

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Censoring social media stalking might be the most “normal” thing a person can do. Considered “abnormal” to the masses, you are now a pioneer. You are not part of the herd unless you participate in social media.

I didn’t like Fakebook. At all. What people give up is startling. Especially when it comes to privacy and the shenanigans. The establishment and all that yahoo. The advertisements from scammers. The over sharing and duck lips (since 1994 but on crack). Filters and altered images. The less you engage with Fakebook, the less Fakebook engages with you. For introverts or others who use social media less often, this may largely make them feel non-existent. How many suicides have been the result of using social media?

Throwing away Fakebook social media is giving Twitter a try but realizing it is just another time waster. And many of the users left seem to be bottom feeders. Aimless without direction. A last ditch effort to get handouts from strangers. To troll and stalk others, safely in their own sparse environment devoid of love and affection. After hanging out on Twitter for any length of time, you too may start to believe that population control is the answer. People are neither kind nor adding value to society. At least your social feed may leave you to believe this. Keep reading for computational propaganda and how you are being manipulated to change how you feel and where your place in society falls.

Trying a few things, I got the same results. If you keep an open profile, what appears to be your political affiliation determines what type of response you will get if you respond to tweets and by who.

There is Parler.

Not impressed, users were begging for something different. Followers. Then comes the posts from those annoyed with the asking for followers. It still had a negative, angry vibe. Undeveloped, the technology can’t keep up and when it does, it appears to be the gathering of the same sheeple. If you love everything politics, even the smell of it – I suppose that is where people meet. Secretly. On the down low. Although those sneaky lefts have now bragged about going there too, to troll. Now it is just a slow Twitter.

Censoring Social Media Stalking

Doomed for extinction?

Face it, politics is the new race or gang affiliation. Are you red, blue, or purple? Leading in misinformation and spread of propaganda to sway a person this way or that. People don’t know what is true or not. Where is the love in the world? Karen’s, Idiots, Snowflakes, Nazis, become more readily typed as a positive reply .

Proclaimed Libertarian views come out which last time you looked – wasn’t a Libertarian view. Switching to Independent, you are now unaffiliated. That comes with its own issues as you are now flaky and unvested. The drive for a new political party gains attention. Disgusted, tantrums have developed as more people feel unrepresented.

Social media influencers trudge on with selling their business wares as followers beg and ask for money. Food, rent, things for their children. Or maybe a chance at the over priced candle because then, life would be better.

I have to censor.

Twitter Tweets Too Twitful

Throwing away social media means I don’t want to make time for something I can’t appreciate. I can’t get into the politics. Everything becomes drama and people fight to fight. It is obvious they don’t know what they are fighting over. Very limited educated interactions, but parroting of other posts or ideology depending on who you associate with.

There are reasons to keep people confused and broken. Desperate and violent. Seethed in anger and looking for conflict. Puppets. And puppet master. And it is fair. It is private property. And you are on it. It doesn’t belong to you. Not even the small space you seemingly have rent free.

I can’t relate to people who use it and complain. Why are you still using it? Fakebook belongs to Fakebook. Paying dearly in the amount of personal data that is collected, you are a guest. You do not even own your personal pictures.

No thanks.

Censoring social media stalking is relative to being disappointed in society lately as a whole. The constant what about me, you are rich – give me some. Large corporations gaining advantages, as small businesses shrink and disappear. The views of the entertainment industry that is far removed from reality and the bitterness that is simmering. Whatever the platform wants to showcase, will be showcased and that is what you feel is the truth or what is really happening in the world. Prevalent terms used now are The Truman Show or The Matrix. Some people are questioning. What is real? How can I be set off so easily?

Dumbing Down of Society

Censoring social media, I am just going to have to be one of those that lives my life the old fashioned way. I may be taking the road less traveled, but frankly if it keeps me away from social media (the dumbing down of society), I am up for it. There will be more anger to come from people. We haven’t seen the end of it. Especially as homelessness and hunger and this continuation of social isolation increases. Therefor – more time spent in online interactions.

Cheers to my own censorship of social media and the continuation of good health & well-being, If you tune out, maybe life would not be so bad. It’s already looking up. I am excited about surviving in this new world of ours. I have cut the puppet master’s strings. Kind of. Maybe. At least what I can control.

I suspect that social media is largely fake and manipulated interactions. A social experiment with data farming. This is beyond what is considered fake and manipulated – but through bots and fake profiles and planned advertisement, the entertainment of putting the boxers in the ring to duke it out for views, comments, likes, and more data farming.

I have left the ring.

For more information on how you are being stalked online and manipulated:

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Computational Propaganda: The New Fake News Machine

“Computational propaganda and social media manipulation have increased by a whopping 150% in recent years.”

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