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I have always been a creative cook.

When I was younger there was only one cooking temperature. HOT! And coming from a family of 9, there was only one serving. A LOT! I am proof that winning a very small scholarship in Home Economics without the approval of my cooking instructor didn’t matter. Somebody saw my potential and today as I savor every meal as part of an artistic process, I smile. Colors, textures, taste, smell, angles, reflections…food is art, and I love art.

I look forward to exploring different ways to cook while camping and on the road. Most of my wish list destinations involve food and eating. Lobster in Maine, a hotdog in Chicago, and Crawfish in a Louisiana bake is high on my list. Of course architecture, landscapes, and culture are also valued. Visiting covered bridges, waterfalls, beaches, deserts, mountains, and reading about our states interests me. The United States has so much to offer, yet residents rush to other countries without even seeing most of our homeland.

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Whim Adventures

On a whim I decided to go to the beautiful Oregon Coast to buy soap at my favorite soap shop in Newport. Loofah Soaps N Creations is my guilty pleasure of a Marilyn Monroe, pink everywhere, girly frilly, small closet type store with great smelling soap, soaks, loofahs and pretty things. It’s not only the […]

Prince Ares & Princess Athena

Watching your fur babies age gives attention to our own eventual demise. Biological siblings, our Siamese/Ferrel are just under 20 years old. Having them in some ways has been a sacrifice as it dictates how long we can stay in one part of the state or another. Whether I pack and travel with three or […]

The Unicorn

Not too long ago I printed a unicorn on t-shirts to sell in Seattle at a festival. To me, unicorns are magical, timeless, pretty – and look good with jeans or a skirt. I could not get anyone that weekend to work at the booth until I asked Ken and his wife. He had helped […]


I do believe the world has gone mad. I am obsessed with keeping up with the news several times a day, FOMO. Fear of missing out. I disregard the art of sensationalism and the ability to change the world by what media or social networking sites puts out to the masses in favor of being […]


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