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Whim Adventures

Our Saturday Whim

On a whim I decided to go to the beautiful Oregon Coast to buy soap at my favorite soap shop in Newport. Loofah Soaps N Creations is my guilty pleasure of a Marilyn Monroe, pink everywhere, girly frilly, small closet type store with great smelling soap, soaks, loofahs and pretty things. It’s not only the soap, but the atmosphere, the environment, the owner’s kindness of holding the store open once when we were running late, it is The Store.

We didn’t make it.

We made it to a beach we had never been before. There was a tunnel to walk through and dead ends that found us back tracking and treading near the busy highway to finally find the entrance that concealed the almost white sandy terrain. Within the terrain and before the rush of waves there was a swimming hole. A zig zag of pooled water whereupon 9 found his bliss and Wednesday watched.

9’s Bliss

We stayed at this water hole for a bit and as we had left a little later on a whim, this adventure was going to be shorter if we wanted to get home before dark. But it was worth it. We didn’t get the soap because it was too hot to leave the pups in the van, even for a little bit. Soap is just soap when your pup’s lives are at risk by leaving them in a hot vehicle.

When we got back to the van, we had a lovely family park next to us with young excited girls. They had the most beautiful hair, colored purple, pink, and orange. Each was exceptionally pretty. They took pictures with the van and their happiness was contagious. Sometimes, whims are what we need. We need to step away from it. All of it. And for a moment bask in the happiness of others – by just being around it – it shines on us too if we let it. Rejuvenation is what I needed.

Wednesday’s Seat

I will remember the Harley guy and his girl at the traffic light and their window talk. The hand signals of “cool” and the smiles. It was nice to be out, out, out. And the best part was the sleeping pooped pups. They deserved to have a fun day.

Mini Painted Hills
Our Future Looks Bright

The best time ever is now.

Jessica Fletcher

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Prince Ares & Princess Athena

Watching your fur babies age gives attention to our own eventual demise. Biological siblings, our Siamese/Ferrel are just under 20 years old. Having them in some ways has been a sacrifice as it dictates how long we can stay in one part of the state or another. Whether I pack and travel with three or five? Nothing can be spur of the moment, unless it is of short duration. And every time I return, will we still be five? I ask for forgiveness whenever I turn negative and just want them to go already because sometimes it is hard. There is just me who are there for them.

Ares and Athena are typical Siamese with the male being larger and the female being smaller. We got them during Thanksgiving one year, an older biological sister was giving them away. I remember a sister-in-law had first pick and selected a puffy kitten, considered the cutest. They would part ways early on. I took the short haired male and then when no one took the female, I took her too. She had an eye infection so looked particularly unhealthy and fragile.

My daughter Cheyenne was three at the time and insisted they be named Prince and Princess. I was so not into those names because as an adult, I had already had those names. I researched Egyptian Gods and came up with Ares and Athena. Compromising, they went from Gods to Royalty slash Gods. I give credit to my three year old who already had her own opinions of things and stuck to her guns.

I remember the days when Ares’ body was full of soft flesh and a cushy, pillowy huggable frame. Now he has wasted away to sharp bones and fur that lacks a certain life. I remind myself that 20 years is 96 in cat years. Athena surprisingly has maintained her vibrancy but walks as an elderly person would. These two have brought me more joy and loyalty over so many years – than anyone. I remind myself of all of this when they meow and I am trying to sleep (hunger, thirst for a fresh bowl of water or anything else is an all day thing) or when they go where they are not supposed to and I am not sure why. One person says they can’t have Alzheimer’s like people, yet I found dementia can be present (Google).

I won’t ever forget Ares falling asleep with me but then sneaking back into my room after he had left it to go sleep with my daughter but tried to be back in my room before I woke up. Pets are like that. I had always assumed he slept the whole night with me until I had woken up before the alarm one morning and saw him strolling back in.

20 years later and they still are my heart ❤️, my pride and joy. I pray for patience and acceptance and to give my love bugs the best as they have given me so much more. I am devoted for how long it takes, they deserve it.

I am building my van to accommodate all five of us. Ares and Athena actually travel well and I can tell they are happier going with us then staying behind. I want to enjoy every moment they have left and try my best to help them enjoy their final days as well. They are family. 💕

👣 Jessica Fletcher

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The Unicorn

Not too long ago I printed a unicorn on t-shirts to sell in Seattle at a festival. To me, unicorns are magical, timeless, pretty – and look good with jeans or a skirt. I could not get anyone that weekend to work at the booth until I asked Ken and his wife. He had helped me before when I was in a bind, he was that kind of person. His wife is truly lovely.

We ended up ditching the festival. We had stayed up way too late catching up in the wee hours of the morning and there was a feeling of unrest about attending this particular festival. Instead, I asked them if they wanted to do a photo shoot – his wife was going through some challenging times and to me, it always feels good to be appreciated and valued. It would help me to have a good product shot I could use later. She was truly photogenic, something I lack.

I never did use those pictures because I made some changes to the artwork and presentation. I did look up the meaning of unicorn tonight to be well read on anything I promote. In one definition I found this:

“In the poly world, we call them “unicorn hunters.” A “unicorn” is a young, single, non-crazy, sexually adventurous, drug and disease-free bisexual female who wants desperately to live with and love a male/female couple. … We call these women “unicorns.” They are about as common and easy to find.Apr 22, 2012 (goodmenproject).

I am going to stick with my belief of a mystical creature that offers good luck and purity. I won’t judge others on what they believe.

I have had a lot of compliments on this shirt. It’s magical. 🦄

👣Jessica Fletcher

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I do believe the world has gone mad. I am obsessed with keeping up with the news several times a day, FOMO. Fear of missing out. I disregard the art of sensationalism and the ability to change the world by what media or social networking sites puts out to the masses in favor of being up to date and in the herd. I have watched as news anchors struggle against extreme weather conditions, only to see in the same frame – people casually strolling by. Oh, the art of deception!

I deleted FB several months ago – first I deleted my friend’s list so I would have no reason to log back on. Then FOMO sinks in and I log on to see news or read opinions because that to me is staying abreast of what is going on in the world. I once again delete FB because everyone’s opinions are so hostile and belittling, even well known outlets have discontinued them. People’s opinions have seemed to transpire to personal attacks and offer nothing I can truly benefit from in the way of self-improvement and leads me to believe that as a society – someone has flushed.

To be the change I want to see in the world, I am going to have to tune out. I have decided to push myself to not read any news for a month, starting July 1st. I am going to increase my book reading and listening to audio books and generally working on my own life and goals. I won’t keep up with others in favor of learning where I truly can make a difference in the world by good old fashioned mask to mask beating the pavement or online research. I may not be totally off grid, but I will be my own moderator.

Also, as soon as I can figure it out – I want to delete the comment and like section. I don’t want to live my life by the excitement of seeing approval from others. I don’t want this to limit my goals. It is so easy to get stuck in the rut of basing self worth on other people’s approval. I don’t want to be that person. There is always the contact form if someone wants to network with you, sometimes it is all about that and not about content.

👣Jessica Fletcher

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Beautiful Wednesday

age: 1 year and then some

Nine months after bringing 9 home, I brought Wednesday home. I wanted to grow my family and I wanted 9 to grow up with a friend. My mindset was still working outside the home and staying a little bit longer in hell as I saw an end in the not too far distance. The character Wednesday on The Adams Family was an influence and counting it out right now, yes, you got it – nine letters. Not intentional, but kind of meaningful.

Picking Wednesday up from a small Pomsky breeder in Utah, it was snowy and cold. We ordered Mexican food and bared the cold to steal the sunshine as six of us ate outside. Areika and her two children were wonderful and I could tell Wednesday had been well taken care of, she even knew her name. Aerika had originally named her Rachel, devoting the litter’s name to the Friends sitcom. This was great as Jennifer Anniston was my definition of classy. I was in awe at having two young pups, maybe even a little shell shocked. Was I really going to do this? My life was filling up with leaps off cliffs and pushing the envelope and pressing my comfort level. 9 was so great at helping me through some tumultuous times and shown me so much love but my family still wasn’t quite complete until Wednesday joined us.

Regardless, I considered Wednesday 9’s pup. 9 showed and taught her everything much like my neighbor’s two dogs had shown 9. Dogs are remarkable that way. A friend we were visiting once remarked, “I got your back,” after observing her dog act slightly aggressive to Wednesday and 9 gave a quick rear nip (if that) to tell her dog to stop. It was a stern warning from my little guy. They all got along fine after that. On the same out of state trip, Wednesday came up to me crying and holding her paw out for me to remove a burr. That touched my heart and was a defining moment on how far my tribe had become and the love and trust that was present. I really needed this in my life. Who doesn’t?

Wednesday and my connection was slower in formation and built over a period of time. Wednesday went at her own speed. 9 is always full speed ahead and emotional based where Wednesday is a thinker. It has been a great experience to see Wednesday grow and flourish. She wasn’t as socially adept like 9, she was afraid and didn’t know how to socialize with other dogs even if she was larger. She would cringe and cower. This wasn’t due to the place she came from as you couldn’t ask for a better breeder. Wednesday has outgrown this after several trips to the dog park, she is a quick learner. 9 has taught her to whine all the way down the parallel drive to the park and it sounds misplaced as she chimes in with her sibling.

Wednesday is larger than 9 and so it touched my heart recently when she jumped up on my lap, like she always saw 9 doing with help. She had never shown interest before and was too big to carry around. I have to hold 9 up with one arm as I embrace both of them. My heart bursts with love. I watch Wednesday as she makes sure she gets the same amount of treats (she LOVES food) and I often catch her gazing at me with love in her eyes. She has the most beautiful blue eyes and the sweetest personality. She loves to give “drive by” kisses and she is such a gentle dog.

There is definitely sibling competition to get the best seating next to me and I have found myself asking them if I should turn the car around. As she surpassed 9 in size, Wednesday’s confidence also grew. She is such a great adventure partner and she minds so well. Unlike 9, Wednesday is huge on burying her bones and once her harness. Wearing a harness was also a slow transition as she chewed every one except her pink flowered one which she partially buried. It was her assertion of “maybe later, but not right now” and gave hope to the aging out of chewing items not to be chewed. I am completely happy with Wednesday and after you leave the puppy stage, two dogs for one person is not too much.

Wednesday’s favorite game is chase. She gets 9 to chase her and I have been invited a few times to play and it was sweet and fun, this is her bedtime game. It closes out their day. Her favorite food is ALL food. Wednesday drools thinking about food. As bad as it is perceived, we eat as a family and I don’t look at them as begging. I try to cook things that are universally healthy for all of us with their dry dog food being primary. I research everything to make sure it is edible.

I have a newfound respect for mothers who juggle more than one child. At the end of the day, it is likely a matter of choice – with some exceptions. All you can do is pray to do it better than the day before and to grow together, not apart. Our moments are short lived and I actively focus on the moment. It’s really all we have. I went back for one more day of government work and that was it. I knew and trusted Jesus that my road to happiness and freedom would be tough, but I am tougher and better than all I left behind. All those cries of, “I exist”, became the reality of “you don’t”. All the suffered abuse was over. The best revenge in life is to do well. And don’t look back because all those hard times were necessary to build your strength for what truly matters.

Jessica Fletcher

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9, Oh’ Wonderful 9!

age: 1.5 years and then some

There is nothing like our fur babies.  They are loyal and unconditionally loving. The more time you spend with them, the more they become your irreplaceable children. They will love you when no one else can.

Their souls are obvious.  Each one has their own personality and quirks.  All this is not unknown, as seen by the U.S. pet industry statistics.  According to APPA (American Pet Products Association), $99 billion dollars is estimated on total pet industry expenditures in 2020.  It goes without saying, we love our fur babies.

Diagnosed years ago with PTSD and being an empty nester, I embarked on the journey of finding my very own puppy as the family dog was actually not mine and moved out with the kiddo.  Mylo, as stubborn as he was being a Lhasa Apso – could melt your heart.  He was wonderful and funny.

My home was very quiet with two elderly cats (17 years old at the time). I wanted an adventure pup who could travel on a motorcycle with me.  My online search found an Alaskan Klee Kai, from a breeder in Bandon, Oregon.  I visited my puppy when he was two weeks shy of being taken home. To my surprise this was a “backyard breeder”, a dirty place where an outdoor pen full of sad, unkempt dogs was on the left of the driveway. The home was within another outdoor pen, where a band of barking, snarling dogs offered protection.

I longed to take my puppy home right then. He fell asleep with his puppy breath against my neck. From video updates I had felt a special bond right away. He didn’t play with his siblings, was off alone doing his own thing, and he was much smaller. He almost seemed lonely. He was a puff ball and looked nothing at all like the litter he was from. Later, he was identified as a Pomeranian (mix) and not at all the Alaskan Klee Kai he was said to be. I really didn’t care about the logistics of his breed. I was in love.

Influenced by the news at the time, a new planet had been discovered and dubbed Planet 9.  It was hypothetical, a puzzle even today.  “A super-Earth, or sub-Neptune planet,” (Astronomy).  It was an opportunity to live my best life and not follow trends in Furbaby names. A number name seemed quite reasonable and fitting for my special pup.

Fast forward and 9’s favorite naughty/comfort food is macaroni and cheese.  He loves pasta, although it is not a regular occurrence. If he can slip his tongue in your mouth he will, he is a fast bugger. He loves everything about living and instead of a motorcycle, he hangs his head out the window and will pout if he can’t.  Being on a motorcycle didn’t seem responsible and I had to think about his safety more than my fun.

9’s favorite game is tug o war and he is somewhat of a tattletale – my little drama boy. He loves his harness and can’t be trusted fully without a leash. He likes to wander and explore.

We parted ways with his first vet when as a wee pup he turned his head back, he didn’t bite – and the vet was indignant about it as a precursor to biting.  He also had a reaction to a shot and she didn’t take accountability, which it was a simple matter and an easy fix. Her attitude wasn’t going to work with us and her prices were ridiculous.

Vet two works for us. I can pick 9 up early after a procedure if he is doing well. 9 doesn’t like to be alone in a strange kennel in a back room. Even so, office staff stress they love 9 regardless of his small dog expectations. Finding the right vet to support your values is crucial in dog parenting.

I remember picking 9 up once after he had his declaws removed.  It was not a great experience; one had torn on a simple excursion to the park and I didn’t want to be in an isolated area and have a replay without a vet nearby. It looked painful and of course bled. So I decided all declaws had to be removed, safely. When I arrived after his surgery, they brought 9 to me and his eyes lit up – but he starts holding his colorfully bandaged feet up, vocalizing, “Do you see this, do you see what they did to me?”.  Treating him like a Prince has given him a voice because how he feels matters to me.

My biggest fear when I have this family made up of fur babies is finding someone who could treat them like family and keep them together if something were to happen.  9 wouldn’t bite and he knows it is bad, but he will use his mouth to communicate at times and only someone who loves him will understand this and let him be him. What would become of this tribe that has given me more than I ever received from related or non-related humans?

When you put his harness on, he will put his mouth on your arm or grab your hand, he is sooo excited because he loves adventures and car rides.  Like people, it takes time to know your Furbaby and hear what they are saying and react in the way that works for them. I would be afraid he was misjudged or misinterpreted if I was no longer there. Being misread can hurt and be life changing.

When 9 sees another dog, he sounds quite vicious, demanding them to play or see him.  He loves deeply and sometimes without restraint, meaning he is kind of loud in certain situations. He is not a barky dog though and when he speaks, he has something to say.  He can sense an unwelcome presence like anything and I feel safe with him around.

Having 9 encouraged me to start Planet9 Co., LLC.  The number 9 is the number of Universal love, eternity, faith, the concept of karma, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, service to humanity, leading by positive example, philanthropy and the philanthropist, charity, self-sacrifice, selflessness, destiny, life purpose, generosity, a higher perspective, romance, inner-strength, public relations, responsibility, intuition, strength of character; (Joanne Sacred Scribes), among many other relatable descriptions of our life path we most identify with.  My birthday falls in September, the 9th month of the year, so there is that. 9 is meaningful.

At Planet9 Co., Inc, we screen print apparel and create new products that we believe in. We research the greenest materials possible and keep abreast of upcoming viable products & fibers. We support longevity and snub fast fashion. We want to be your favorite item years from now, not just for the moment. Doing this type of work allows us the dream of travel and working with non-profits.

Due to the virus and now rioting, our travel is limited.  Taking the time to redefine and focus on what is important to us, as a new company, we are always learning and evolving.  We are super excited every morning to wake up and inch towards our goals. 

Our warehouse is located in Central Oregon, the desert.  Traveling between the great Willamette Valley and Central Oregon we are always ready to absorb all that this land has to offer. From here to there, everywhere – there is so much to see!  

It has been a beautiful start to a wonderful adventure, already full of twists and turns.

Jessica Fletcher

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Can you keep up?…

A great civilization is not conquered without until it had destroyed itself within.” W. Durant

When I first embarked a slight year ago on this new journey I can best describe as “Screw you, I am not working here. My name will not be associated with this hell hole,” I was at a low point. My mind was not strong and my body began to depreciate. When you surround yourself in negativity for so long, it takes a toll. So, like many before me – I did something about it.

I don’t know how my story will end, nor do you know how your story will end. I leaped, jumped, ran, skipped, slid, hurtled, crawled, and rolled….forward. I went from a seemingly recession proof stable government job to self-employment and self-sufficiency. I have no complaints, no regrets, and I am grateful. I am grateful that in a time of uncertainty with face masks, social distancing, and sometimes empty store shelves – I know something.

I know that through negativity and challenges, I am still here. And with a personal connection to Jesus, I am where I am supposed to be. I can’t control everything and worrying about anything won’t help an outcome. I can only do my best. My best has been a lifetime of plan b, c, and d’s. Being flexible and adaptable. Learning something new everyday. And gathering memories.

Stay with me as I build the interior of my cargo van, develop new products, and travel throughout the United States with my adventure fur❤babies. We plan to leave a positive footprint, volunteer, and generally have fun on this silly ride.

We would love to hear from you.

Jessica Fletcher

spreading my wings