~ we sell stuff, good stuff.

We pledge outdoor ethics and leave no trace. We pick up our doggy poo and keep our dogs on a leash unless it is a no leash zone. We don’t intrude on other’s spaces, walk away from negativity if we can, and treat others with respect.

We don’t lie, cheat, or steal. We pray to our Jesus and give thanks by contributing to this world. We vote. We are grateful, thankful, and humble. Beauty is soul deep and we read past the cover. We recycle, donate, and repurpose as opposed to over consume – and we know the difference.

We know that education is every day and we never quit learning. We love road trips, cooking, dancing in the rain, saving a butterfly from a spider web, and looking at the world as a canvas where proper placement and thought creates a masterpiece. We don’t over produce and we create new products from our scrap material as much as we can. A portion of all sales goes to promoting the well-being of pets. They need us and we need them.

We travel throughout the U.S.A. in The Adventure Machine, meet new people, and raise money for causes we believe in.

What we do:


Screen printing


Product Development