The Adventure Machine Moves

The Adventure Machine moves to it’s own internet space once again. We are pleased to announce that as we shared a spot with Planet9 Co. for several months, we were eager to once again have our own internet address. Trademark pending.

Planet9 Co. is The Market Place for crafters, small business owners, artists. People who like to hand craft items. Candle makers, soap makers, furniture makers…the sky is the limit.

We have selected Planet9 Co. to market our merchandise like old school screen printed t-shirts. And alone time with our van in exciting adventure excursions. We like the easy to use platform on listing products to sell. Currently there is some imported goods on the site, until local businesses can replace the item. Camping gear for one. We can’t get enough of the water filter for survival. Can you make this?

We are so super excited by aligning with The Market Place. We hope to see you there. Not only as a fellow merchandiser, but as a customer. We will have our very own spot there and still maintain our home ( Together, we can have an equitable chance. It is on the ground floor right now – the perfect time to jump right in.

Don’t wait. Now is the time!

Published by The Adventure Machine

rain dancer

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