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The Unicorn

Not too long ago I printed a unicorn on t-shirts to sell in Seattle at a festival. To me, unicorns are magical, timeless, pretty – and look good with jeans or a skirt. I could not get anyone that weekend to work at the booth until I asked Ken and his wife. He had helped me before when I was in a bind, he was that kind of person. His wife is truly lovely.

We ended up ditching the festival. We had stayed up way too late catching up in the wee hours of the morning and there was a feeling of unrest about attending this particular festival. Instead, I asked them if they wanted to do a photo shoot – his wife was going through some challenging times and to me, it always feels good to be appreciated and valued. It would help me to have a good product shot I could use later. She was truly photogenic, something I lack.

I never did use those pictures because I made some changes to the artwork and presentation. I did look up the meaning of unicorn tonight to be well read on anything I promote. In one definition I found this:

“In the poly world, we call them “unicorn hunters.” A “unicorn” is a young, single, non-crazy, sexually adventurous, drug and disease-free bisexual female who wants desperately to live with and love a male/female couple. … We call these women “unicorns.” They are about as common and easy to find.Apr 22, 2012 (goodmenproject).

I am going to stick with my belief of a mystical creature that offers good luck and purity. I won’t judge others on what they believe.

I have had a lot of compliments on this shirt. It’s magical. 🦄

👣Jessica Fletcher

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