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I do believe the world has gone mad. I am obsessed with keeping up with the news several times a day, FOMO. Fear of missing out. I disregard the art of sensationalism and the ability to change the world by what media or social networking sites puts out to the masses in favor of being up to date and in the herd. I have watched as news anchors struggle against extreme weather conditions, only to see in the same frame – people casually strolling by. Oh, the art of deception!

I deleted FB several months ago – first I deleted my friend’s list so I would have no reason to log back on. Then FOMO sinks in and I log on to see news or read opinions because that to me is staying abreast of what is going on in the world. I once again delete FB because everyone’s opinions are so hostile and belittling, even well known outlets have discontinued them. People’s opinions have seemed to transpire to personal attacks and offer nothing I can truly benefit from in the way of self-improvement and leads me to believe that as a society – someone has flushed.

To be the change I want to see in the world, I am going to have to tune out. I have decided to push myself to not read any news for a month, starting July 1st. I am going to increase my book reading and listening to audio books and generally working on my own life and goals. I won’t keep up with others in favor of learning where I truly can make a difference in the world by good old fashioned mask to mask beating the pavement or online research. I may not be totally off grid, but I will be my own moderator.

Also, as soon as I can figure it out – I want to delete the comment and like section. I don’t want to live my life by the excitement of seeing approval from others. I don’t want this to limit my goals. It is so easy to get stuck in the rut of basing self worth on other people’s approval. I don’t want to be that person. There is always the contact form if someone wants to network with you, sometimes it is all about that and not about content.

👣Jessica Fletcher

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